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Take Advantage of Our

High-Tech Escape Rooms

Our games are among the most immersive and technologically-advanced available. Whether this will be your first time or you’re an escape game pro, you are in for a true adventure!

We are escape game enthusiasts and a family owned and operated business. We’ve played games around the country and even as far as Eastern Europe and have seen some of the amazing possibilities escape games can offer. By combining our passion and experience while partnering with some of the best custom puzzle designers worldwide, our goal is to provide an incredibly fun and rewarding experience!

What Our Players Say

"Great team building experience for our group. Mike and Andrew were great hosts and really sold the story lines. I want to play the other 2 scenarios and will be back!"

"We took my son and some friends for his birthday to do the Tesla room - so much fun and the teenagers really enjoyed it! We're definitely going to do another room in the future!"

Great escape room! We did Tesla’s Mystery and had so much fun! There was so much to do, I never once looked at the clock. So many great things to solve. We will go back and do the other two rooms… : )

The person giving us clues was great – perfect clues for us! And just really nice…

We brought a bunch of 11/12-year-olds here for a birthday party, and they had a lot of fun playing the Time Machine game. Being able to ask for hints from “the voice in the sky” kept them from getting too frustrated, and the finale was very exciting! It was a great bonding experience for a bunch of kids who didn’t all previously know each other, and they had a blast talking about their adventure at lunch afterward. Thank you!