Portland, Can You Escape?

Three immersive Escape Rooms await you!
Clackamas Town Center | Portland, Oregon

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Escape Room Portland

Welcome to Mindtrix Escape Room! We are escape game enthusiasts and a family owned and operated business. We’ve played games around the country and even as far as Eastern Europe and have seen some of the amazing possibilities escape games can offer. By combining our passion and experience while partnering with some of the best custom puzzle designers worldwide, we provide a incredibly fun and rewarding experience!

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High-Tech Escape Rooms

Our games are among the most immersive and technologically-advanced in Portland. Whether it’s your first time or you’re an escape game pro, you’re in for a true adventure!

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Our rooms are tech-advanced with unparalleled immersion, custom built by our team. Discover the best escape rooms in Portland. 

We have three unique escape rooms to explore!

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