About Mindtrix

Portland Area’s Best Escape Room Experience

About MindTrix Escape

We are escape game enthusiasts and a family owned and operated business. We’ve played games around the country and even as far as Eastern Europe and have seen some of the amazing possibilities escape games can offer. By combining our passion and experience while partnering with some of the best custom puzzle designers worldwide, our goal is to provide an incredibly fun and rewarding experience!

Our games are among the most immersive and technologically-advanced available. Whether this will be your first time or you’re an escape game pro, you are in for a true adventure!

Escape Rooms are great for Team Building

Escape room games have become incredibly popular in the last few years as corporate activities. And no wonder why! They are fun, challenging and provide an opportunity to both work together and play together to achieve a common goal.

We can host up to 25 players at the same time.

Safe and Secure fun in Clackamas Town Center with convenient Parking!

Why choose MindTrix over other Escape Rooms?

We carefully select our storylines.

We’ve carefully considered our storylines, puzzles, props, clues and decor so that the gameplay flows seamlessly in an intelligible way to ensure the player understands what they are supposed to be doing and how every clue/object/puzzle fits into the narrative and contributes to the goal. This makes the experience feel much more immersive, less confusing and ultimately far more enjoyable.

If a game has a weak storyline, it can cause confusion and frustration because you may end up trying to solve puzzles without understanding what the point is and where things are leading in the grand scheme.

Our technology transcends traditional locks.

We avoid traditional locks as much as possible. While padlocks have their place in escape rooms, they are an easy crutch to use during escape room design which that can lead to tedious, unimaginative and unsatisfying gameplay. Instead we’ve embedded technology both overtly and covertly into our games so that you interact with you environment to solve puzzles in a much more natural and realistic way than searching for tons of keys and combinations.

We build multi-room and non-linear experiences.

Our games are all multi-room and non-linear. Each game has three to four rooms and you work back-and-forth between them. This provides a more immersive, realistic feel to the gameplay and also allows us the latitude to change the décor/theme within the game, providing us the opportunity for more complex storylines and variety in puzzles without being confusing.

MindTrix gives you a “global Experience.”

We work with game and puzzle designers from around the world. Escape games have been popular overseas long before they made their way to the US. For that reason, the industry is more mature other places around the globe and we’ve brought some of the most cutting-edge designs, puzzles, tech and ideas to our games.

MindTrix is in a safe and friendly location.

We are located inside one of the largest shopping malls in the area to provide a convenient, safe and clean indoor location with easy parking.